Overcoming remorse – With a Book

Remorse weighing down my conscience. Weighing down ever since I had read that my own ilk – the humans, had not so long ago, committed yet another heinous act. This time round against the very creator – The God Lord Himself; at Angkor. Someone had to do something to atone that sin, one thought. Yes, a sin.

Then, my first pilgrimage unto Angkor filled me with even greater commitment that something had to be done. And done fast such that pilgrims who arrive at Angkor are made a little more & better informed about what is the raison de etre of Angkor. This, in my view, could be one good manner in which to undo some part of what all wrongs had been done by someone. As time passed, my resolve kept getting stronger. My visits to Angkor brought me face to face with a wide variety of people from all over. Most of them would feel similarly.

Then there was this yet another question that kept scouring the roots of my soul. Why did they, whoever they were, took up this mammoth task to build Angkor, upon themselves? To help us, the people of future generations, understand life better in a much more easily understandable, much more illustrative manner?  I feel, yes, that was perhaps the prime reason of undertaking this peerless effort. Or some other reason. I cannot quite fathom. Not at least right now.

One, nonetheless, kept his focus and the commitment became more steely with the passage of time.

This humble commitment has born fruition, in a small way, though and one has been able to conjure up a small book entitled ‘Nichamon – Angkor Parables‘ (Nichamon, a Thai Word, meaning – A Girl With a Pure Heart). There is no place worth its name unless it has people. Angkor is no different. This effort has been possible because many of my fellow Pilgrims during my various visits there allowed me to have their pictures taken  and shared their views on matters Angkor. I bow my head in total reverence to them, all. Their help and contribution, one day prayfully, may grow into a mighty tree in the service of fellow humans. Gods Willing.

One has set out to write this little effort in 36 languages (bilingually alongside English). The first installment of 18 Bilinguals is slated to be released on 15 November – online – in pdf format.  This will be very economically priced because of obvious reasons. My most sincere desire is that my brethren from different parts of the World, should buy it rather than borrowing from anyone else.

Whatever proceeds are generated, should these be substantial, shall be mainly spent on building and operating an entirely FREE of charge Cancer Hospital, here in India. First hospital shall be for Women; exclusively. And should additional funds get generated, for Men as well; afterwards. My aim is that anyone afflicted with this ailment, from anywhere on the Globe, just contacts us and we have her/him as our guest till the person become free of Cancer. This noble cause will operate on the conditions of – No boundary.

One has gone through a Torrid time in one’s personal life and well knows what happens when Cancer afflicts one. Just a commitment, then, for someone like me.

The book mainly explains Angkor pictorially (with over 250 pictures out of those taken  by me during my various pilgrimages to Angkor) with over three dozen single page Parables explaining each major facet, each aspect (within the realms of possibility) of Angkor Temples. Pictures have been succinctly annotated with requisite explanation – both translation and the underlying purport thereof endeavouring to provide clarity.

For example, what one sees as Lions all around the Temples of Angkor, is in fact not a lion. It being the Rhythmically Uttered Word, the Chanting of the Holy Mantras to ward off evil in life. Or for that matter what one sees as beautiful women sculpted on the walls, the Apsaras or other feminine figures are actually figures as light as air full of Divine Power, the Primordial Power, the Feminine Power behind all our actions, to help us overcome ignorance.

In a Temple, all in all, what one gets to see… isn’t what one sees.  All is surreal. All is magical. All illusive. Knowledge attained through deep thinking and through the Pilgrimages helps clear the Shrouds of ignorance, the Agyaan. To become better human being. That is what everyone wants to be. That is what The Gods want us to be – a better Human Being.

Once the revered Reader goes through the book, she/he shall have a fairly clear insight into matters Angkor; everything. Well, almost everything.

May it be, congruity demands, in the same breath conveyed with utmost humility, that at 63 years of age it has been some effort to put together these Parables. Some effort, indeed. Solely, by one person without any support from anywhere, financial or otherwise, except my own children who have been helping in educating regards working on a Computer.

Suffice to say that fair amount of research has been gone into this work besides drawing on the connected knowledge and information in one’s psyche building up since childhood. Main aim being – that Angkor should be understood in the right perspective by a Pilgrim, who goes to Angkor with hopes in the heart and Prayers upon lips. They must get the best out of their pilgrimages to Angkor. This, in my modest view can be one way of atoning our collective sins.

After all, we who had created Angkor, could well have  kept those immersive monuments in a much better shape than what we find today. Please remember, we are talking about works of the Art of Divinity unlike any, anywhere.

You shall not be disheartened once you pick up this little Book.

The cover pages of my effort(s) shall be shared with my esteemed readers shortly.




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