Angkor: The Entire Package for You

It is the people who make Angkor what it is? Well, Angkor is Angkor. They were wise men and women who created this masterpiece like none else.  People come there as a magnet attracts fragments of iron. But, they surely make themselves counted as they throng the Holy abode of the Gods. They do.

The culture of humbleness and humility befitting such a holy space is omnipresent; save that man who wanted to make a few bucks for speeding up the immigration process. I like my Hotel because they all are very humble and endearing creatures. Perhaps ingrained in them by their superiors to be nice and respectful.

The checkpost people are humble, the Tuk Tuk drivers are humble, the cane juice maid is humble and even I, became very humble. It for sure coloured me as them.

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