Restoring The Temples of Artemis and Angkor back unto Him

Both, Wonders and wonderful. Both Temples dedicated to Supreme Being. Both met almost similar fate. The former at the hands of Herostratus while the other by Khmer Rouge; at least in major part. Other responsibility could be ascribed to lack of care over centuries after the Kings left the scene.

The former at Ephesus lies in total ruins whilst the latter in no less  similar a state.

While working on research it is easy to check that the Temple of Artemis was a Wonder of the world in pre-Christian era with its exquisite reliefs and marble work. The remnants at Ephesus near Seljuk in Turkey bear significant reminder of the fine sculptural works of around five hundred years BC. Visiting Angkor on the other hand, all the Temples of Angkor that is, one finds matchless forms of construction as also sculptural beauty, though these exquisite Temples came into being nearly 1500 years into The Temple of Artemis.

Then the heart begins to wonder. And wander. Question one’s own self in Heraclitus’s mode. Whether or not can we restore  the bygone  beauty back to both – Artemis as also Angkor. After all, we are in much better a position today to muster technology, funds, skilled manpower – both artists and others, as also a will to undertake this onerous responsibility for posterity to  understand and learn from.

Could one imagine that Artemis can exist in the year 2030 CE and Angkor, in, say year 2060 CE?

Artemis was much smaller. Though the pieces of  works of art in marble that constituted this 110mx50m building may not be available in greater than 1 0-15% in quantity, the same can easily be manufactured/crafted – the quantum being not so enormous. And in any case some of them are still available in museum in Britain and could be obtained there from.

In as far Angkor is concerned, most of the material is available in the form of rubble & debris lying around each and every one of the Temples. Yes, the mauled figures will be required to be remade. I believe, this can be accomplished given the riches we have; some of our ilk possess or can have access to, today.

GOD shall be then properly ensconced in His Holy Abodes without anyone ever to bother Him from performing His responsibility; that of giving his unstinted, unbridled and generous Love to us humans. Though He still is there for all of us and never turning away. But He does appear a tad, in discomfiture.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburgs and Ambanis  and hoards of other billionaires could come together for the sake of – GOD. God who has provided them with those riches. Even if these billionaires still feel they do not wish to be deprived of their billions, I am sure it makes a very good business sense. Over four millions arrive at these Temples every year. Break even shall reach in no time, virtually.  Then it is gains for them, for ever.

Can we muster enough moral and fiscal courage, then??

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