The Echo Room : A Hotline to the GODS

Passage into the unseen and mostly unknown depths of  Angkor had just begun for me. Quite honestly, the only preparations I had made prior to landing at Siem Reap International Airport that evening was reading that you have to pay US$ 30 for a VOA and that I must carry a few Visa size recent photographs of mine. Booking hotel room alongside booking my flights was the other thing done because you can only reach there if you have booked a flight. And that you require a roof over your head, at night.

All done, and now action stations.

At the doorstep of Angkor, there I was with nice and soft-spoken Tanny, the Guide . He was sizing me as we began. Whilst I candidly asked him to keep narrating whatever he must, while I take as many pictures as I could, Tanny nodded his head in affirmative.

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