Dollars & the Tuk Tuk Driver

Every nation has a currency. But one nation out of the 200 odd that make this world has a currency that is universal. yes, the US dollar.  Yet, in most of the countries, they accept dollar surreptitiously unless you are an authorised money changer. there it is free for all. Not so in Cambodia. Or shall I say, in Siem Reap. They have perhaps for gotten their own currency   and what is it called. Be it the Tuk tuk driver, the cane juice lady or your hotel, Dollar from the US is welcome everywhere.

15 US$ for the day trip to Angkor is what Mr Reth, the Tuk Tuk fellow asked. Tanny wanted another ten. The tiny little girls selling books, stoles, hats and picture post cards are all very well versed in dollars & cents. painter charges you US $ 60-70 per painting complete with the packing material.

Angkor trinkets come in for US$ 1 each and the apparel ladies would haggle with you till last dollar. Be it the mango smoothie girl, the one selling rather large coconut palm water or those seeking some alms, all want just one currency; US$.

Yes, one thing you have to be very very cautious about is the location of your Tuk tuk once you go for visiting the temples. You MUST tell the driver to park the Tuk Tuk at a place that you must mug up like a soldier mugging up his RV (rendezvous) and if required take a picture of the place.

For unless you do that, the fellow might take it to some shady place, hang his hammock and go off to a deep slumber only to be woken up by YOU. That is if you can locate him, because they all dress similarly, their Tuk Tuks are similar and you wouldn’t know what to do when you are drenched in perspiration from tip to toe, tired beyond words and want to go back earliest. If that happens, the only escape route isuse old friend Dollar. US Dollar.

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