A Pure Heart… Sure Way to Success

Wise (wo)men tell us that ‘God is looking for… Clean Hands and a Pure Heart‘. Well, can we tell this to anyone of us in today’s professionally estranged world? For, if He indeed is looking for such simple virtues in us humans, then these must truly be worthy of something really significant in our lives. And if we do trust God or for that matter if we do believe, the way an Ontologist would, then He, The God, exists; for sure.

It, thence is quite axiomatic that He must be looking for the here-in-before mentioned virtues within us, for our good – for He only Giveth; never taketh. And in today’s fast-paced professional life, it perhaps, well (surely) perhaps, bodes well for those virtuous ones amidst us who indeed possess these two characteristic features of human persona. After all God can never mean anything that isn’t for the better of his Best Creation.

Before we end this rather self-inquiry of an article, let us cast a quick glance at our own selves. Do we possess a Clean set of Hands? And, a Pure Heart? Or has the so called ‘dog eat dog’ syndrome of professional demands tarnished our hands. And Contaminated the Purity of our Benign Hearts. For when born, like a river from its pristine origin, we all are similarly blessed with clean hands. And a Pure Heart. Ask any mother. Or Child.


If we make honest efforts, we can turn the cycle of events, if something has indeed adversely affected our hands, hearts or both. And if we do, then the best of Divine Blessings can surely be ours.

After all we then, would well be on our way to offer Him what He is looking for. A set of Clean Hands. And a Heart full of Purity. And that would for sure pave way unto the elusive Ehsaas of Success we so eagerly desire. So eagerly.

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