My Site was Hacked

An innocuous message from the WordPress people ‘password for this site has been changed. Contact your email administrator.’ It appeared as harmless a message as that. Before anything I asked my elder child, an  what the implication of such a message was? What he told me raised my heckles.

I tried to open my site, this very site, and found Turkey’s state emblem with many things written in their language. And a middle eastern or an Arabic music playing in stead of the sacred picture of The Angkor Wat Temple. A small message to the left corner declared that it was indeed hacked by some Addiliya or some such name.

It was just the evening previous that my elder one had asked me to take a backup, something I had done. But this hacking? Why would someone hack this benign site of mine, I wondered.

We struggled for about half a day and my site was live again. It cost me some money. Then a flash through my mind. Is this some mafia? My military mind is suspecting  something. Is this hacking an organised affair to earn out of unsuspecting users? Honestly, if I am a hacker, then I would destroy that site out of shape. And here, everything is there intact till the last comma and fullstop. Are these hackers so  empathetic? I wonder.

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