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About Mytrystwithangkorwat.com

Dedicated to Angkor and my Crusade against cancer through my eBook at my Website – mytrystwithangkorwat.com for a life changing experience. Develop a Pure Heart for Stress-free & successful life.

About the Author

Brigadier (Retd) SK Sharma is the Chief Executive at Brigs Consultant (Owner of mytrystwithangkorwat.com). He has 40 years invested in leading & propelling large projects including the Very First Smart & Intelligent City of India – the DSK Dream City, Pune.

Proficiencies : Planning & Execution of Smart & Intelligent cities; Detailed Project Reports & Feasibility Reports; Valuation of Properties; Planning & Execution of Sports University, Multi-Skill Institute and Well being Retreat; Network of 36 Top of the Line International & Domestic Consultants; Catalyzing organisations; Inspiring & Motivating professionals across disciplines. Persuasive communication; Negotiations; Training; Risk mitigation and management.

For more check his Linkedin profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mytrystwithangkorwat/