SK Sharma

Historians, archaeologists and globewanderers have all visited and written their felt accounts of Angkor since modern man first searched these awe inspiring marvels some hundred and fifty years or so ago. National Geographic, as their won't has been, have done their own research. But, I have yet to come across a Civil Engineer take it upon himself to unravel the mystery of this largest project ever undertaken by humanity. I am a Civil Engineer and Indian Army officer, who has done large projects; fairly large ones. Embellished with some amount of working knowledge of Indian religions & it's culture, I herewith set out to fathom the length & breadth of the mystique called Angkor. Here, ladies & gentlemen, I am.

Second visit

I knew my quest was still way short of complete; my thirst still unquenched. I had committed to myself that I must find answers to the questions churning my mind; and my soul. This could only be done through another visit. And if so needed yet another and yet more. Having acquired yet another and …

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Riot of Photographs

The Lord Himself has to be the very first one here. Then his Holy Abode.  Nearly a thousand pictures later, I feel at least some of them must be shared with all. Here I am with the bounty that is available, at least part of the same.

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