Freedom From Cancer


The entire complexion of my horizon, and my life appear to be changing. Thoughts becoming more caring, more connecting and actions more accommodating. Nichamon Effect, I suppose. Or Nicomachean Effect.

Lord’s Will : eBook in 18 Languages

Either it is Lord’s Will, as I perceive it or some plain stroke of His Kind Blessings. Never thought that (at least) a Book shall be written by me; a humble eBook. But a Book is a Book.  And once the journey progressed further, it has been just completed in 17 Bilingual formats and one in Solo English having nearly 350 pages each with about 300 HD quality photographs (almost entirely taken by me during my pilgrimages to Angkor over the past one year or so).

Every Major Temple has been covered in this effort including Phnom Kulen. In my modest belief, it is a well researched work without making it complex to read or internalise by anyone. It is a culmination of knowledge gained since childhood and sharpened by studying relevant scriptures.

The Languages in which the eBooks have been written are:-

English,    English – Chinese,    English – Japanese,     English – Korean, English – Greek,    English – Spanish,    English – French,       English – Dutch,      English -Khmer,     English – Vietnamese,      English – Danish,       English – Finnish,      English – German,      English – Thai,      English – Russian,        English – Italian,                English – Norwegian and     English – Sinhalese.

The eBooks have been completed, translated online and converted into  pdf format. Translation is good quality and ably conveys the inflexion of my thoughts. My project is to complete a total of 36 Bilingual eBooks by the next three to four months time.

Main Features of eBook(s)

By 15 November 2017, the landing page of this website shall have icons of all the books which shall lead to a payment gateway. The eBooks which have been priced very very economically shall have the following features:-

  1.   Preview.      A Preview with about 48 pages that shall give the prospective reader an idea of the layout and contents of the eBook.
  2.  Each eBook contains about 40 Parables besides my own notes and a Preface.
  3.   Each Parable endeavours to explain in some detail one aspect related to Temples; more specifically Angkor Temples.
  4.  Besides Temples, the Parables have been interspersed with life around Angkor, for it is this which makes the Pilgrimage to Angkor complete.
  5.   People (the Pilgrims as also others) are the most significant part of these eBooks because  the Lord himself is best complemented by His best creation.
  6.   Each Photograph has been well annotated with explanation of the contents besides the Purport of the picture there-in.
  7.  If someone who reads these Parables, and has already paid a Pilgrimage to Angkor, will enjoy unraveling the Beauty, understand the Meaning and receive help to get to the Truth of Angkor.
  8. On the other hand if a reader has yet to visit Angkor, (s)he shall get enthused to pay the Pilgrimage besides learning regards something that has never been seen before and whet her/his appetite for this most unparalleled Tirtha  (a place for a Pilgrimage).
  9. The eBooks endeavor to bring one closer to one’s own self through the Blessings of The Lord irrespective of the faith one follows.
  10. Thoughts from most of the Religions of the World and  famous thinkers/philosophers have been intertwined with reality of Angkor such that one can view life from her/his perspective and gain elusive knowledge regarding matters Divine.
  11.   All in all, it is most humbly stated that once a reader goes through this effort, (s)he shall not feel disheartened.

The aim also is to keep it so low priced (though one has spent huge sums and nearly one year of time on this so far) such that my revered readers never think of borrowing it from someone else. They would rather buy the eBook of their liking (language) and derive Divine contentment.

Freedom from Cancer

Another significant reason of putting-in this effort is very personal. That being of making a tiny bit contribution towards fight against the Scourge of Cancer that afflicts millions across the globe. It having had terribly affected my own life, one fully understands what it takes to fight Cancer. It has taken one of my priceless gems away from me. And now, through the proceeds of this humble work of mine, should enough funds get generated, the plan is to commence a Cancer Hospital in the City of Pune (near Mumbai, India) where the afflicted persons shall be treated absolutely free  till they become  free of this wasting ailment. Anyone from anywhere.

No one should go through what I have in my life.

Therefore, once the eBooks become available online, readers could buy them at as little as just US$ 3 to 4  per copy. Pray and Hope my Global brethren would kindly approve of my effort and help me serve the humanity in my small measure.

One small step in the Direction of – Freedom from Cancer. I think our ilk deserves at least this much.


Please spread a word around. Gods see everything.

May God Bless you all.


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