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I Am the Door: Angkor

Through the statement “I am the door,” Jesus points the exclusive nature of salvation by saying that He is “the door,” by which we may enter and be saved. The Lord is the only means we have of receiving eternal life; Moksha – release. There is no other way.

Cholas, Chalukyas & Pallavas : Imprints on the Architecture

From the Southern shores of India and Deccan to far off lands of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, these Kings have left their indelible imprints wherever they went. Kings were mighty, owned everything​ within their kingdoms and always  possessed a desire to propel their territories. However, they also knew well enough that in order to …

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Collage Angkor

All temples at Angkor make an exquisite collage. Variedness in the designs, architecture, sculpting and the very thought behind each Temple make them worthy of research & study. The present state, though not very scenic, but makes one believe into the grandness of their distant past, their faith & beliefs, their capabilities in performance of …

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