Centre of Energy

It has been ordained that the best form for a temple is square. Then rectangular or even circular or oblong, in that order of sacredness. For square is the perfect shape and most loved by the Gods.

At Angkor, the same principles have been followed. We go there and are slowly taken to the centre of the temple at Angkor Wat. There is this small brown square stone embedded into the floor of one of the corridors.

When we ambulate through the corridors we find slowly the energy building up. This energy, the cosmic energy emanates from the Garbhagriha, where the Main Deitys’ Idol is established. We feel it during ambulatory proceedings. Just as we draw nearer the main Sanctuary, ┬áit gets stronger, ever more. The principle is simple.

A central point of the circle is it’s source of strength. It radiates force, the energy from its centre, in all the directions. Then as it strikes the walls of the corridors, it reflects back and this process of reflection again and again accentuates that energy.

Everything in such a magnificent monument is in a dynamic state of equilibrium.




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