Faith – Over to The Lord with a cup of Suspended Coffee

Faith is an act of rational choice which determines unto us that certain things were true. And in the confident expectation that they shall prove to be true. David Inge had told this fact to us many years ago. If you believe, it is going to be true. In fact if you believe just anything, it is going to be true, is my humble feeling. And there is no, just no relation with any religion, as you would see.

Certain people beginning in Naples cafes did and still continue to do so. They believe that by offering some cups of suspended coffee, they are doing good turn unto some unknown other(s). Especially when some good luck has smiled on them, they go ahead and reciprocate towards unknown entities. They try to repay the Lord’s good deed by buying a few suspended cups of coffee to the unnamed unknown person(s), who somehow might not be in a position to, for themselves.  Anonymity in doing a good turn ; now that is faith for them.

Whist, for the Cafe owner it might simply be extra business. But, the deed undoubtedly is noble. Value of a cup of free coffee can be understood better by someone who is not fortunate enough to buy that himself, for some reason, especially when  it is biting cold outside. It might as well go to someone not so well deserving. Or for that matter, the Cafe owner might not discharge his duty honestly towards someone who knows not that some do-gooder  Samaritan might already have paid for his coffee. So why should one still buy a Suspended coffee? But, why not, when one has that key element – Faith, on his side?

The story of faith, of doing good in anonymity, nevertheless, does not end there.

Siberia, the coldest place where, if one throws a cup of piping hot coffee into the air, it freezes instantaneously in  id air, with temperatures dropping to -50 degrees Celsius. Russians; the Vodka drinking merry making hard working Russians inhabit even such an inhospitable place and live life to its full zest. Their main faith or Religion, if you please, is Christianity. That’s as nice as it goes. Who on the earth does not celebrate the festivities related to Christmas. I celebrate in India as do millions of others here. Even in the Middle East, Korea and China and everywhere else they celebrate Christmas with vigour & faith. But there in Russia they also celebrate with utmost faith yet another festival, little known to people even in India, the home of that faith, that Religion.

Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra in Odisha

Every year in the month of June-July, a huge Holy Procession is taken out in the city of Puri in Odisha, India. This Procession, dedicated to The Lord Jagannath, is easily the largest religious procession anywhere. But in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, it was  celebrated in Siberia in June 2017, by Russians. And with ferver not seen even in India. They

Lord in carved ice in Siberia

carved Idols of The Lord, His Siblings namely Brother Balabhadra and Sister Subhadra in ice in temperatures as low as -23 degrees Celsius. Thousands took part in the Procession of the Lord with chants of mantras and Aarti.


Lord’s Procession in Siberia

Now, what is unusual about this event is that it is by & large restricted even in India to just one State known as Odisha, although in a few other States of India also they celebrate this Holy event. But, all in all it is a fairly restricted event in other places. In fact many in India except Buddhists, some followers of Jainism and Hindus in Odisha, may not be fully aware of the origins of Lord Jagannath, who is Lord Vishnu in this incarnation. Lord Jagannath  is considered as the Ninth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu by some while others follow Him just as Lord Jagannath. But of essence is the surprising fact that there is a following of a particular faith by people of a country who may not be well informed regards what they are following. Possible that some event must have happened sometime in the past that quite made them develop a faith in the Lord and it is now

growing in popularity, there. In India itself there might be very few who  would be in the knowledge of this faith following in Russia.


Lord’s Procession in Odisha, India

Two very diverse events, in two different spaces. But they bring forth us one vital lesson – have faith and do your part of goodness. Expect nothing from anyone.

Isn’t that what our holy Books – The Holy Bible, Holy Quraan Sharif, The Holy Guru Granth Sahib and The Holy Shrimad Bhagwad Gita teach us? Isn’t this what seers of wisdom often tell us? Isn’t this what Lord Jesus taught the humanity. And isn’t this what we must do unto others. That is the way to release.  That’s is what is Temple all about. And that is what Angkor is all about.

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