Understanding Angkor

In order to be able to lead a more complete life, there will always be place for such an ethereal feeling as love. Who would know that better than the Creator Himself? One finds solace in Cathedrals, Mosques and Temples; the Abodes of The Lord. There, nothing is ever asked for in return. For He just gives, even if you hurt Him.

Angkor, an Abode of Lord where one can feel His all-pervading presence, is the largest effort undertaken, ever. Crafted with consummate perfection, nothing is superfluous at Angkor. Be it the design of Temples or the sculptures there-in; everything is at its rightful place. Angkor, the most sacred confluence of both physical & metaphysical worlds at the same time, has to be understood in right earnest. For, besides receiving unadulterated love of The Lord at Angkor, there are many lessons latent within; lessons of bliss & harmony. Truth is that unsavoury events of the recent past haven’t been able to impair that bliss, one bit.

Angkor is an unparalleled example of Temple Architecture contained in the Holy Scriptures such as the Vedas, Vaastu-Shastra & Shilp-Shastra which guide us as to where, why & how to build temples. Not only temples but our homes and our places of work; for these are temples as well. Wisdom of Angkor, which can be easily imbibed, has been condensed in her two books on Indian Temples by Stella Kramrisch. We also need to take a closer look at architecture & engineering as practiced by people of an era where none of the facilities that we the people of this age have, existed.

Water holds a very special place in our lives for it is a life giver cleansing everything. Proximity to Kulen River and moats around the Temples make Angkor a Tirtha, a place of pilgrimage where one can gently shed the Clouds of Ignorance with the sword of knowledge and tread the path to attain Moksha; the final release. The Kings of yore understood this well and created such a stellar example of Supreme Principles as Angkor to help humanity arrive at the Ultimate Objective of life through cosmic intelligence.

We might not be able to see Him, though, but apparitions do occur as had happened in Fatima a hundred years ago with those Shepherd kids. That happens to the most fortunate ones and they are beatified into Sainthood. For others, ecstasy of being directly under His Gaze gets accentuated at such Holy places as Angkor.

Be it a Devotee visiting Angkor, a mother comforting her dehydrated daughter, a young Bride, a sugarcane juice maid, a Tuk Tuk driver or little girls selling souvenirs, everyone is enjoying the bliss of being around Angkor; mostly oblivious of the depth of Angkor. Environs & energy in the air at Angkor touch a cord within a Devotee who would like to learn more about things Angkor.

To that end and with some knowledge on Temples, my views, feelings & passion are being shared with my fellow humans through these passages so that they could benefit more from their visits to Angkor. These passages shall open one’s mind & afford an opportunity for self-cleansing – of becoming a ‘Nichamon; person with a Pure Heart. A Pure Heart leading to Moksha.

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