Lion, The Protector and Lord SheshNaag

Lion, the king of the wild has been given its due space in almost all cultures. One could find the figure of a Lion on the coins, in front of places of worship, in educational institutions, at the doorstep of palaces and in the homes. In Feng Shui, a lion figurine gets you luck. Lion in the form of a Pixiu, a winged lion, is another variant that bodes well for  homes owing to its voracious appetite for gold & silver.

Forty two years ago I found two seated lions in front of my 175 years old alma mater. Never could figure out why till one came face to face with Lions at the very entrance at Angkor Wat. Though in a terrible physical condition, the king of the wild still possessed that aura of invincibility. In the venerated company of Lord SheshNaag everywhere at Angkor Wat, Lion has assumed the role of a true protector for the statues have been exquisitely crafted by the masters in such a way that instead of instilling fear, they invoke reverence within.

Ashoka’s Lion pillars from India to Thailand is yet another evidence as to people in power in all eras showing inclination to seek Lion’s support in their endeavours.

Let us have a good look as to what different cultures such as the Chinese, Europeans, Indians and others have to say regards lions and their powers.

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