Time Travellers : In Existence since time itself

Is this relatively a newer phenomenon or has this  high tech notion been known to people of celestial intelligence since the beginning of time itself? There is evidence to its existence since origins of man himself. It, therefore, might not be such a new phenomenon after all.

The practice of civil engineering, intricacies of project management, principles of sculpting, the study of  soil dynamics, theories connected with earthquake engineering, construction tools & plants and excellent knowledge of strength of materials which appear to have been borne out of the industrial revolution or a few decades before that were known to us humans from before. Is it so?

Indeed it is. have a quick look at the seamlessness of stone work, use of laterite in the water suckingsub-strcuture of the main temple Angkor Wat, extremely fine sculpting done on sandstone and very smart hydraulic engineering to sustain a large metropolis consisting  of and supporting a million people nearly a thousand years ago, all point in that direction.

A few years ago, I was watching a video film on the YouTube. It shown a lady in a Charlie Chaplin movie speaking to someone on a Cell phone, yes a Cell phone. It obviously implies that in that era viz. 1929 CE, there was at least one known Cellphone on the Globe. Yes, a Cell phone and we thought world had it first up sometime in 1989 CE. There are many additional evidences of Cellphones and even people being at two places at the same time.

We can handsomely surmise that there have been instances of either supernatural happenings or smarter intellects well before the time when the discovery of a particularly new event has been claimed. That we call time traveller.

Getting back to Angkor, while researching regards Angkor’s whys and hows, I have come across facts that point to only one direction – whatever we consider knowledge imparted by the ubiquitous West, it might not entirely be so. Be it knowledge of engineering or the laid down rules of engagement for creating sculptures, understanding of materials or project management itself, they practiced all of them to the best levels. Otherwise, how was it that in a virtual marsh where in times of monsoons water table rises above the ground levels that they decided to use Laterite,  which is in fact just a type soil not a stone, as the essential bedrock. It becomes stone only afterwards and ready to absorb excess of water just like a piece of sponge without losing its strength or shape; a phenomenon which is very basis of Angkor Wat’s stability. Else, there would be no Angkor Wat. There are numerous such examples which defy logic today but were known to them a thousand years earlier.

Time travellers have indeed existed ever since Time has.

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